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About Stronger with Rivky

Get to know us

Everyone's journey to their fittest and healthiest self is different. At Stronger with Rivky, we strive to offer you the most engaging, exciting and effective workouts - no matter your goal or levels. Consult our class schedule below to find the right fit for you, and begin your journey to your best self. 


Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Expert and Founder

"When I was younger and interested in beginning my fitness journey, I was never able to stick to a fitness routine until I found the 'weird' fitness classes - the unique, fun and quirky classes, to keep me motivated, having fun and even laughing during my sweaty, exhausting workouts. Once I found those classes and supportive coaches, it was a done deal. I was eager to come to class and get stronger, fitter, and more mindful day after day. The motivation that the atmosphere provided was priceless." 

Thirteen years later with this in mind, Rivky, a now-avid fitness enthusiast and expert, ensures the most motivating and FUN workouts for her clients to get them to exactly where they want to be. With dozens of health and fitness certifications under her belt as well as two nutritional diplomas, Rivky is here to guide you and provide support, coaching and expertise while laughing alongside you in your health endeavors. Ready to start your journey to the best you? You've come to the right place. 

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