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Individual Fitness Services

We are here to accelerate your fitness journey and get you to reach your health and fitness goals - FAST. Get ready to look and feel your best without giving up your favourite foods, meals or (ahem) wine!

Home Fitness

Online Private or Semi-Private Training

Want to be led through a guided safe and efficient workout? Maybe you have a group of friends looking to work out together online or want to get in shape with a family member. Contact us to get one of our trainers leading you to success through fun and effective workouts - all from your own home, on Zoom!

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

In-Person Private or Semi-Private Training

So you want your trainer there with you in person - no problem, we offer that too. Get in touch with us to learn more and have a trainer come see you at your home in Montreal and surrounding areas. 

Image by bruce mars
Fit Woman with Yoga Mat

Transform with a fully loaded, 90 Day Individualized Program

Looking to be guided on a three-month fitness journey that will change your life? Join our transformation program and receive a Coach to guide you through your next three months of training, nutrition, habit coaching, and more. Book your Discovery Call to find out if you're the right fit for the program now. 

Current Transformation Clients, please book your check-ins here:
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